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Creighton Bluejays Weekly Roundup (06/09)

Creighton Bluejays Weekly Roundup (06/09)

News and Notes from around Creighton and the Big East this week:

  • Creighton’s four MBB newcomers arrived on campus this week, as pictured in this tweet from the team’s official account:

  • Davion Mintz wasted no time showing the three freshmen where to find Chick-fil-A in Omaha, stopping to pose for a photo with the restaurant’s cow mascot:

  • Martin Krampelj posted this group selfie from the weight room:

  • WBR’s Matt DeMarinis was at the team’s first summer workout, and filed a feature story on the three freshman players’ first experience on the practice court. But this was the money quote from assistant Darian DeVries:“That’s what I love about all of the new guys; they love to play,” DeVries said. “Today was their first day, they didn’t have anything this morning, and they were in the gym at 8 a.m. on their own just in here shooting. That says a lot about what they hope to accomplish while they’re here. When you get guys with that type of attitude in a group, then it starts to really filter into everybody else.”
  • With Alexander taking #5, Jordan Scurry will wear #12 this coming year:

  • Greg McDermott quickly and unexpectedly became a candidate for Ohio State’s opening, which led to some interesting pieces analyzing Mac and his program. Here’s a couple offering different perspectives:
  • Nick Bahe spent the first segment of his Thursday radio show discussing whether McDermott would stay or go…and found out the news that he was staying live on the air about two-thirds of the way through, which was fun!

  • The second segment focused on Bahe’s reaction to that news.

  • Finally, the Coach joined Bahe for his first interview after announcing he was staying. It’s a must-listen:

  • We relived the wild 18-hour ride between McDermott being announced as a candidate to when he announced he was staying at CU in a piece on Thursday.
  • Jon Nyatawa discussed it with Mike’l Severe on TheBottomLine
  • Then, Coach Mac held a press conference to discuss his decision. The entire thing is full of terrific sound bites, but here were my two favorites:
    • “You usually leave a job because you’re either chasing something or you’re running from something. I have nothing to run from. And frankly, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist at Creighton that I need to go find somewhere else. If you’re not missing anything, what are you chasing?”
    • “My heart wasn’t in it. My heart is here. This is where I want to be. This freshman class, I’m really proud of it. They’ve got a chance to be special. I sat in their living rooms and told them I was going to be their coach, and sometimes you have to stick true to your word and be loyal like they’ve been loyal.”
  •  And finally, two classic tweets following the announcement. First, Tyler Clement:

  • And then KETV’s Thor Tripp doing what had to be done:

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