Running Diary: Realignment Rollercoaster

Posted on March 16, 2013 by WBR Staff

With the rumor mill swirling following the announcement of the breakup of the Big East Conference, Creighton has been mentioned as a possible candidate for inclusion in a new league containing the seven Catholic schools from the old Big East. To help you keep tabs on the latest rumors and updates, White & Blue Review will publish an updated list of links to articles from around the country.

March 16

[Omaha World-Herald] – Creighton to accept Big East Invitation

[Omaha World-Herald] – Creighton’s Big move

[CBS] – Reports: Butler, Creighton to join new Big East

[] – Reports: Big East at 10 for 2013-14

March 15

[Dayton Daily News] – UD’s conference fate still undecided

[Chicago Tribune] – ‘Catholic 7′ expected to become 10-team league next week

[Sports Illustrated] – Georgetown’s power causing tension among new, old Big East schools

March 14

[ESPN] – Other Members Coming Soon

March 12

[VUHoops] – Fr. Donohue Letter on Catholic 7, BIG EAST

[Providence Journal] – Basketball Group of 7 release statement

[ESPN] – Big East, Irish agree on exit

March 7

[CBS Eye on CBB] – Five questions and answers about our new nationally relevant league

[ESPN] – Big East, Catholic 7 reach agreement

[] – Big East reaches parting deal with Catholic 7

March 4

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch] – Stability of MVC could be tested

March 1

[A Jersey Guy] – Big East divorce might still be messy

[New York Post] – Big East keeps name, will expand to 10 teams next season

February 28

[ESPN] – Sources indicate Xavier, Butler and Creighton joining C7 to form a new Big East next season.  

[Omaha World Herald] – Creighton officials remain mum about Catholic 7

[Fangs Bites] – REPORT: The “Catholic 7″ To Air on Fox Sports 1 in November and Will Take The Big East Name

[USA Today] – Catholic 7 could be catalyst of another chain reaction

[Chicago Tribune] – DePaul, Marquette ADs hopeful Big East separation deal close

February 22

[Washington Post] – Georgetown takes lead in preserving basketball tradition of ‘Catholic 7’

[A Jersey] – Catholic 7 AND Big East ready to make plans

February 21:

[4 Guys in Blazers] – Does the Catholic 7 Make Financial Sense for Siena?

February 16:

[Washington Post] - ‘Catholic 7’ schools, including Georgetown, charting a new yet familiar path.  Major details on the new league.

January 10: 

1:32 am – [] – Creighton A.D. says no invite yet from new league

January 9:

8:59 am – [SI] – Catholic 7 in Talks With Fox About TV Deal

January 6:

12:05 am – [ESPN] – ‘Catholic 7′ Eyes Big TV Deal

January 4:

3:45 pm – [ESPN] – Catholic 7 Retain Lawyers

January 3:

11:30 am – [] – Presidents Meet in NYC to Hash a Plan

3:30 pm – [Courant] – Big East Catholic Schools Meeting on Friday

December 28:

9:30 am – [SI] – Luke Winn’s basketball predictions

December 20:

10:00 am – [New York Post] – Big East 7 Set to Plunder A-10 for Teams

1:30 pm – [ESPN] – Geno Auriemma: Good Riddance

December 18:

1:30 pm – [] – How Big East’s Basketball Schools Finally Decided to Break Off to Form their Own Conference

4:00pm – [ESPN Insider] – Bracket concerns for Catholic 7

December 17:

1:00am – [Rush the Court] – Doug McDermott talks realignment

5:00am – [ESPN] – 3-point shot: UConn to honor Newtown

9:00am – [Tribune Star] – ISU needs to have its realignment head on a swivel

6:00pm – [Charlotte Observer] – Catholic conference offers challenge, opportunity

6:00pm – [New Jersey Press] – How Big East’s basketball schools decided to finally break off to form their own conference

6:00pm – [Indy Sports Journal] – Butler president Danko issues statement about conference rumors

6:30pm – [WisBBYearbook] – Mark Miller Tweet


December 16:

1:00am – [NY Daily News] – Mike Tranghese would be perfect fit to shepherd in new league of Big East defectors

11:ooam – [ESPN] – Seven schools leaving Big East

1:00pm – [Wichita  Eagle] – MVC President’s to hold conference call on Creighton’s possible departure

2:00pm – [A Jersey Guy] – Georgetown is leader of the pack

7:00pm – [Independent Philly] – Villanova Press Conference


December 15:

12:00am – [AP] – Hoops-first league goal of Big East defectors

11:00am – [UE Extra] – Stanley: No truth to another UE-to-Horizon League report

12:00pm – [Sports Feast] – Realignment Rumors: Creighton Bluejays

2:00pm – [Zagsblog] – Big Priest Schools Cut Ties With Big East; Report Says Butler, Xavier Will Join New League

5:00pm – [NBC Sports] – Catholic 7 release statement announcing departure from Big East

7:30pm – [ESPN] – Big questions on exits from Big East

9:00pm – [New Jersey Press] – Big East basketball-only schools defect from conference, citing a return to their roots


December 14:

12:30am – [ESPN] – Sources: 7 schools agree to leave

10:00am – [NY Post] – Big East’s seven Catholic schools set to bolt from crumbling league

1:00pm – [A Jersey Guy] – Big East Catholic schools following the money

3:00pm – [NY Post] – Atlantic 10 calls meeting in fear that teams could bolt in wake of Big East split

4:00pm – [The New York Times] – A Smart Breakaway for Big East Basketball Schools

5:00pm – [ABC] – 7 Leaving Big East to Build Basketball Conference

7:00pm – [Washington Post] – Big East basketball schools mulling best way to leave league


December 13:

8:00am – [New Jersey Press] – Big East basketball-only schools close to unified front to leave or dissolve conference

10:00 – [CBS Sports] – Sources: Big East expected to split

1:00pm – [CNN SI] – As Big East Catholic schools prepare to break away, key issue emerge

1:00pm – [Sporting News] – Big East breakup: Sorting out the winners and losers

2:00pm – [Rumble in the Garden] – Profiling the Big East “Catholic” Conference’s additions – NCAA history, attendance

2:45pm – [Wichita Eagle] – Conference Moves & Creighton

3:00pm – [NY Post] – Big East basketball-only schools to split from rest of conference: source

6:00pm – [Omaha World Herald] – Creighton mum on plans to join Big East defectors

7:00pm – [ESPN] – Sources: 7 leaning to leave Big East

7:00pm – [Wisconsin Journal Sentinel] – Seven conference schools plan league focused on basketball

7:45pm – [Peoria Journal Star] – Potential breakaway by Big East basketball schools may include invite to Creighton

10:00pm – [USA Today] – Big East’s Catholic member schools to leave league

10:00 – [Chicago Sun-Times] – DePaul, six schools leaving Big East; announcement coming as soon as Friday

11:30pm – [Omaha World Herald] – Creighton should say ‘yes’ if a new league calls


December 12:

[Zagsblog] – Temple Cannot Stop Catholic Dissolution of Big East (UPDATED)



December 11:

12:00am – [CBS Sports] – Big East’s non-football members meet, discuss possible breakaway

12:30pm – [ESPN] – Big East fate vexes Catholic schools

2:00 – [A Jersey Guy] - BEast Catholic schools unity could bring $$$

5:00pm – [ESPN] – Big East Catholic schools wake up?

8:00pm – [Washington Examiner] – Big East’s seven Catholic basketball schools late to moving party


December 3:

[Zagsblog] – Big East Source: ‘If bleeding stopped here, the basketball schools would be happy’