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Bluejay Rewind: 2000-01 Highlight Video

Bluejay Rewind: 2000-01 Highlight Video

Ed. Note: “Bluejay Rewind” is our popular summer series that looks back at games from years past, including highlight packages. Not all of these games are classics in the traditional sense, but all of them feature terrific performances from Bluejay greats, and we think you’ll enjoy watching them as much as we did.

A couple of years ago, Creighton Athletics shared VHS copies of several season highlight videos from the late-1990s and early-2000s with us during a visit to the archives. These videos were produced by Godfather’s Pizza, and shown at the annual Bluejay Bash each summer; while a few copies have circulated “underground” over the years, they’ve never been digitized (or been viewed since then by anyone except those lucky enough to have a second or third generation VHS copy). We shared the 1998-99 season retrospective and the 1999-00 video previously, but this week on Bluejay Rewind we’re sharing three more that we’ve digitized and remastered from the original tapes, covering the next three seasons of the Altman Era.

That means the first one is the 2000-01 season highlight film, titled “Into The Blue.” It’s a different video than any of the others, focused more as a feature on seniors Ben Walker and Ryan Sears (and a tribute to Dr. Lee “Doc” Bevilacqua) than it is on the season as a whole, but the 12-minute film flies by. We’re excited to present it officially for the first time since the Bluejay Bash nearly two decades ago. Enjoy!

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