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Running Diary: Realignment Rollercoaster

With the rumor mill swirling following the announcement of the breakup of the Big East Conference, Creighton has been mentioned as a possible candidate for inclusion in a new league containing the seven Catholic schools from the old Big East. To help you keep tabs on the latest rumors and updates, White & Blue Review will publish an updated list of links to articles from around the country.

March 16

[Omaha World-Herald] – Creighton to accept Big East Invitation

[Omaha World-Herald] – Creighton’s Big move

[CBS] – Reports: Butler, Creighton to join new Big East

[] – Reports: Big East at 10 for 2013-14

March 15

[Dayton Daily News] – UD’s conference fate still undecided

[Chicago Tribune] – ‘Catholic 7’ expected to become 10-team league next week

[Sports Illustrated] – Georgetown’s power causing tension among new, old Big East schools

March 14

[ESPN] – Other Members Coming Soon

March 12

[VUHoops] – Fr. Donohue Letter on Catholic 7, BIG EAST

[Providence Journal] – Basketball Group of 7 release statement

[ESPN] – Big East, Irish agree on exit

March 7

[CBS Eye on CBB] – Five questions and answers about our new nationally relevant league

[ESPN] – Big East, Catholic 7 reach agreement

[] – Big East reaches parting deal with Catholic 7

March 4

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch] – Stability of MVC could be tested

March 1

[A Jersey Guy] – Big East divorce might still be messy

[New York Post] – Big East keeps name, will expand to 10 teams next season

February 28

[ESPN] – Sources indicate Xavier, Butler and Creighton joining C7 to form a new Big East next season.  

[Omaha World Herald] – Creighton officials remain mum about Catholic 7

[Fangs Bites] – REPORT: The “Catholic 7″ To Air on Fox Sports 1 in November and Will Take The Big East Name

[USA Today] – Catholic 7 could be catalyst of another chain reaction

[Chicago Tribune] – DePaul, Marquette ADs hopeful Big East separation deal close

February 22

[Washington Post] – Georgetown takes lead in preserving basketball tradition of ‘Catholic 7’

[A Jersey] – Catholic 7 AND Big East ready to make plans

February 21:

[4 Guys in Blazers] – Does the Catholic 7 Make Financial Sense for Siena?

February 16:

[Washington Post] – ‘Catholic 7’ schools, including Georgetown, charting a new yet familiar path.  Major details on the new league.

January 10: 

1:32 am – [] – Creighton A.D. says no invite yet from new league

January 9:

8:59 am – [SI] – Catholic 7 in Talks With Fox About TV Deal

January 6:

12:05 am – [ESPN] – ‘Catholic 7’ Eyes Big TV Deal

January 4:

3:45 pm – [ESPN] – Catholic 7 Retain Lawyers

January 3:

11:30 am – [] – Presidents Meet in NYC to Hash a Plan

3:30 pm – [Courant] – Big East Catholic Schools Meeting on Friday

December 28:

9:30 am – [SI] – Luke Winn’s basketball predictions

December 20:

10:00 am – [New York Post] – Big East 7 Set to Plunder A-10 for Teams

1:30 pm – [ESPN] – Geno Auriemma: Good Riddance

December 18:

1:30 pm – [] – How Big East’s Basketball Schools Finally Decided to Break Off to Form their Own Conference

4:00pm – [ESPN Insider] – Bracket concerns for Catholic 7

December 17:

1:00am – [Rush the Court] – Doug McDermott talks realignment

5:00am – [ESPN] – 3-point shot: UConn to honor Newtown

9:00am – [Tribune Star] – ISU needs to have its realignment head on a swivel

6:00pm – [Charlotte Observer] – Catholic conference offers challenge, opportunity

6:00pm – [New Jersey Press] – How Big East’s basketball schools decided to finally break off to form their own conference

6:00pm – [Indy Sports Journal] – Butler president Danko issues statement about conference rumors

6:30pm – [WisBBYearbook] – Mark Miller Tweet


December 16:

1:00am – [NY Daily News] – Mike Tranghese would be perfect fit to shepherd in new league of Big East defectors

11:ooam – [ESPN] – Seven schools leaving Big East

1:00pm – [Wichita  Eagle] – MVC President’s to hold conference call on Creighton’s possible departure

2:00pm – [A Jersey Guy] – Georgetown is leader of the pack

7:00pm – [Independent Philly] – Villanova Press Conference


December 15:

12:00am – [AP] – Hoops-first league goal of Big East defectors

11:00am – [UE Extra] – Stanley: No truth to another UE-to-Horizon League report

12:00pm – [Sports Feast] – Realignment Rumors: Creighton Bluejays

2:00pm – [Zagsblog] – Big Priest Schools Cut Ties With Big East; Report Says Butler, Xavier Will Join New League

5:00pm – [NBC Sports] – Catholic 7 release statement announcing departure from Big East

7:30pm – [ESPN] – Big questions on exits from Big East

9:00pm – [New Jersey Press] – Big East basketball-only schools defect from conference, citing a return to their roots


December 14:

12:30am – [ESPN] – Sources: 7 schools agree to leave

10:00am – [NY Post] – Big East’s seven Catholic schools set to bolt from crumbling league

1:00pm – [A Jersey Guy] – Big East Catholic schools following the money

3:00pm – [NY Post] – Atlantic 10 calls meeting in fear that teams could bolt in wake of Big East split

4:00pm – [The New York Times] – A Smart Breakaway for Big East Basketball Schools

5:00pm – [ABC] – 7 Leaving Big East to Build Basketball Conference

7:00pm – [Washington Post] – Big East basketball schools mulling best way to leave league


December 13:

8:00am – [New Jersey Press] – Big East basketball-only schools close to unified front to leave or dissolve conference

10:00 – [CBS Sports] – Sources: Big East expected to split

1:00pm – [CNN SI] – As Big East Catholic schools prepare to break away, key issue emerge

1:00pm – [Sporting News] – Big East breakup: Sorting out the winners and losers

2:00pm – [Rumble in the Garden] – Profiling the Big East “Catholic” Conference’s additions – NCAA history, attendance

2:45pm – [Wichita Eagle] – Conference Moves & Creighton

3:00pm – [NY Post] – Big East basketball-only schools to split from rest of conference: source

6:00pm – [Omaha World Herald] – Creighton mum on plans to join Big East defectors

7:00pm – [ESPN] – Sources: 7 leaning to leave Big East

7:00pm – [Wisconsin Journal Sentinel] – Seven conference schools plan league focused on basketball

7:45pm – [Peoria Journal Star] – Potential breakaway by Big East basketball schools may include invite to Creighton

10:00pm – [USA Today] – Big East’s Catholic member schools to leave league

10:00 – [Chicago Sun-Times] – DePaul, six schools leaving Big East; announcement coming as soon as Friday

11:30pm – [Omaha World Herald] – Creighton should say ‘yes’ if a new league calls


December 12:

[Zagsblog] – Temple Cannot Stop Catholic Dissolution of Big East (UPDATED)



December 11:

12:00am – [CBS Sports] – Big East’s non-football members meet, discuss possible breakaway

12:30pm – [ESPN] – Big East fate vexes Catholic schools

2:00 – [A Jersey Guy] – BEast Catholic schools unity could bring $$$

5:00pm – [ESPN] – Big East Catholic schools wake up?

8:00pm – [Washington Examiner] – Big East’s seven Catholic basketball schools late to moving party


December 3:

[Zagsblog] – Big East Source: ‘If bleeding stopped here, the basketball schools would be happy’

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